Daily life Pashto sentences with translation! (146)

Whose (house/place) are you going to ? چا کره ځې
what kind? څه رقم
apart from you بې له تا نه
Just exploding himself ځان چوي هسې
Bomb exploded بم وچاود
May you not be sad خپه مه شې
I hate زما بدي شي
First start the work لومړی/ړومبی کار پيل که
Do you have any need of it ? ستا ور ته اړتيا شتې ؟
What was the need of this د دې اړتيا څه وه
I was not trying to remind you of the favour I had done for you, it was just that the event came to my mind and I said it to you زه دې نه زباتم هسې مې مزغو ته خبره راغله او مې در ته ووی
give me your cheek to kiss کوګۍ راکه
Do not remind God of the things you have done for God خدای مه زباته