Daily life Pashto sentences with translation! (146)

Shots were fired ډزے وشوي
How can i help you? څه مرسته کولي شم؟
Get on your knees په ځنګون کينه
You Pumpkin head کډو سرا
May your house fall down کور د وران شه
May you die in your youth ځواني مرګ شي
May you get infected with worms چيمجن شي
Get your ugly face lost بدرنګ شکل د روک شه
I hope your neck breaks اورمېږ د مات شه
Get lost ورک شه
Call me your love ماته جانان ووايه
You have taken my heart away زړه رانه ته وړي دي
Your eyes make me go mad (in love)! ستا دي سترګو ليوني کړم